Summer Spine Challenger June 2021

After posting a DNF in the winter Spine Challenger 2020 due to extrem stomach problems I was still determined to complete at least 1 100 mile ultra run. The Summer Spine Challenger seemed a much more benign option, held in summer, being dry, warm and with 16 hours of daylight. I hadn’t set myself a specific target, though still had 40 hours as a reasonable target. 40 hours would be less than 3mph average – theoretically walking pace.

Having recced all the route for the 2020 winter event and then run half of it before retiring at Hebden Bridge I was confident that I would not get lost with the route on my Garmin Fenix 6 and SatNav plus the guide, which I never used. So with only 20 miles a week in 2020 I set off on the train from Colne to Edale on the Friday

Finishing time 40:53:27

Summer Spine Challenger Results

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